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3 New Species Added to Reserve List

January 28, 2019

We wrapped up 2018 with a thrilling bird monitoring season including finding 125 different bird species on and close to the reserve during the Mindo Christmas Bird Count.  It’s taken a while to get down to blogging (a euphemism for bragging) about it.  The Life Net Nature bird banding volunteer team found 3 new species for the Las Tangaras Checklist: Choco Warbler, White-sided Flowerpiercer, and Black-tailed Trainbearer (the latter two usually at higher elevations).  Go team!

Every avian monitoring session at Reserva Las Tangaras is exciting and unique, and Life Net is now recruiting volunteers for 2019.  Banders highly skilled and knowledgeable about Ecuadorian birds will be hosting 2 teams: August 4-17, 2019 and December 2-15, 2019.  After reviewing information about the volunteer positions at the Texas A&M Wildlife Job Board, you can email Dr. Dusti Becker at to apply.

Here are some photos from the December 2018 bird monitoring effort at Reserva Las Tangaras.  Enjoy!


Choco Warbler – newly recorded at Reserva Las Tangaras during mist netting


White-sided Flowerpiercer – another new record


Most members of the December 2018 Life Net Nature Avian Monitoring Team – Ecuador


Broad-billed Motmot – aka. “eye candy”

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