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Searching for the Swainson’s Thrush and the Andean Solitaire

November 10, 2018

Since September, a task was given to us, search for two particular species of birds to find out if there is a relationship between them.

One of them is the Swainson’s Thrush which is a bird that migrates to Ecuador since September, and it is possible that with its arrival it displaces the Andean Solitaire which is the other specie we have to find, and it is a native specie of the Andes.

Our task consist on walking all the trails of the Reserve looking for any sign, either hearing the sing or sighting them, and during these two months of research we have found amazing animals, here we leave photos of some of them.


The singing of Andean Solitaire is incredibly beautiful, and we were fortunate to hear it very close, but we have never seen it (here a link with the sing

This week for the first time we finally observed the Swainson’s Thrush!


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