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Join us at Las Tangaras for an incredible experience living in, learning about, and exploring the cloud forest. Volunteering as a Reserve Assistant is a valuable learning experience in conservation and ecological research and an excellent opportunity to gain new skills and experience, and have fun! At Las Tangaras we like to say that everyday is an adventure. There is always something new to discover!

Volunteers assist in important ongoing biological research about the fascinating Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, hummingbirds, and local avian diversity. Volunteers may contribute to a variety of exciting projects, like the creation of signs and educational materials for visitors, helping take care of the orchard and garden, planting fruiting and flowering plants to attract birds, butterflies, and other wildlife, trail and reserve maintenance, and anything else we need to accomplish at the reserve! We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and ages. If you have experience in a certain area there is certainly a project for you. Hosting volunteers is a good opportunity for us to learn new ideas too!

We include free time and siesta during the day and weekends are free for you to explore and relax. There is a lot to do in the area including hiking to nearby waterfalls, canopy ziplining, and learning how to make chocolate, just to name a few!

Those who would like to contribute to the reserve as a volunteer may stay for 1-4 weeks for $10 a day. As we are a non-profit organization, this donation covers lodge accommodation at the reserve and contributes towards the work of the Reserve. A stay of at least one week ensures that you get the most of your experience! The meals will be arranged with the current managers but typically cost around 5-10$/day.

We expect a commitment of at least 4 hours of full dedication a day, apart from needed regular cleaning and maintenance of the cabin (bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.). As you’ll be sharing the lodge with the managers and possibly other guests, you’ll have to make sure everything’s tidy and clean!

We would be excited to have you volunteer at the reserve and we thank you in advance.

Please call or text us at (+593) 099-058-7084 or email for more information or if you are interested in volunteering at the Reserve! If you can’t get immediate attention email Dr. Dusti Becker at or WhatsApp/call her at 520-507-6685.

“I had a great time volunteering at the reserve. We saw tons of different species of hummingbirds and got to visit the lek of the Andean Cock of the Rock. The food was great and the company even better! I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get a bit off the beaten track and experience Mindo at its fullest.” –Travis M. 

Other Volunteering Opportunities:

Please check the Life Net Nature website ( and Life Net Nature facebook page ( for other volunteering and other opportunities for engaging with Life Net Nature and the reserve.

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