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A Boy in the Jungle

November 12, 2012

This week we celebrated Never’s birthday.  He turned 3 years old!A friend of Nev’s, Negue, lives in town and his birthday is the day before Nev’s.  So we joined celebrations and had a double birthday party.  There were several kids there and they all had a good time with face painting, piñata, food and cake.

In honor of Nev we thought we would post a blog about Nev’s experience living at the reserve.  It has been a really awesome experience for us to be here at the reserve with Nev.  He really enjoys this place too.  He has grown so much and learned a lot during our time here.

Here are some of his favorite things about the reserve:

playing at the river and throwing rocks into the water

chasing butterflies and finding cool new “buggies”

looking at all the beautiful flowers and crazy plants

working in the garden

helping with chores around the reserve like sweeping and laundry (i.e. water play time).

He is learning about the birds just as we are.  He always asks the names of the hummers that come to the feeders.  Although his favorite we just call the “bumblebee” because it sounds like a bumblebee (Purple-throated woodstar).

Nev also really loves when we have visitors at the reserve.  He has wrangled pretty much everyone who has come here into playing cars and trains with him or watching a movie.  His favorite movie right now is The Lorax.  All of the visitors have been great with him and he is always sad to see our “friends” leave.

He definitely really enjoys this place and what a cool place it is for a 3 year old to spend time exploring.  We think he will be just a sad as us when our time here is over and we have to leave this beautiful sanctuary.  But hopefully we can return here with him when he is older or when he is an adult and off on his own adventures.

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  1. anita ratchford permalink
    November 13, 2012 11:21 am

    It is great to see Nev having a great time…Such a great expierence! for him Love the face paint
    Love and miss you …looking forward to seeing you soon.


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