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Rivers and Creeks

October 28, 2012

Nambillo River

When you first get to Reserva Las Tangaras the first thing you see is the Nambillo River. It is the sound that dominates the cabaña. When it enters the property it is in a narrow gorge and meets a little creek where the Bonito pool can be found before it drops 25 meters into the abyss above the gorge. As the river flows along the property there are two swimming holes before it meets the confluence of the Fuente Creek at the west end of the reserve. The creek winds its way down from a 10m waterfall and a sheer cliff.

Fuente Creek Falls

The newest trail at the reserve follows the Nambillo river down from the campground to just above the confluence with the Fuente Creek. At lower water levels it is possible, with some bouldering, to walk up the creek to the waterfalls. Along the way the creek bed is in constant change and has a dozen beautiful pools.

Lower Fuente Creek

If you bring a mask or goggles you can see the catfish that live in the deeper pools. If you are quiet you might see the basilisk, the Torrent Duck family or the fasciated tiger-heron. Water dominates all here at the reserve. Though we have had the most beautiful weather this last week, we know the next rain is always near.


Torrent Duck Family

Work on the Agua de Fuente trail continues. With all the time spent on it we have seen Andean cock of the rock, a family of guans, Basilisks, a red Brockett deer, a heron, toucans and more. We hope to get it open for visitors in the dry season to complete the Fuente loop through some of the more Rugged parts of the reserve.

And to other news on the reserve, the orchard is doing great with the perfect mix of rain and sun. And with a steady diet of compost the garden is coming around. We’ve managed to get some onions and potatoes beyond sprouts.

There are two nests on the entry trail that we have been watching for a few weeks. The moms fly off so quickly we can’t get good looks at them. However, both have had two eggs in them and one now has hatchlings that are growing extremely fast! It has been such a joy to watch them every time we hike out.  The fer-de-lance is still around.  We have posted warning signs on the trail where we see it every day.  It has recently shed its skin and looks very beautiful right now.

Since our last post we have had about 20 visitors from several countries including, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, and Ecuador. We have enjoyed meeting all the visitors and thank them for their support for the reserve.

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  1. October 28, 2012 11:49 am

    Wow! What beauty. I haven’t really explored the Fuente de Agua part of the reserve, so very interesting to hear about your exploration there.


  2. BONNIE YATES permalink
    November 5, 2012 9:02 pm

    Dear Amanda and Shyama, I am so pissed-I just had half of your letter done and of course did something to this stupid computer and lost everything I already wrote. So I shall try again but I will probably try and cram everything in since it is getting late. I read the blog and saw all of the pictures of Macho  Pichu it looks so beautiful and peaceful. Shyama definatly has talent writing. Does he enjoy that? he does it very well. I could never write stories in school-I was just horrible! I feel like you guys are such troopers and I am such a wimp with the things you deal with every day. I would’nt want some kid puking on a bus behind  me or hear rats in the walls! I hope you don’t get sick again. There is nothing worse than being sick like that and all you want to do is curl up somewhere and go to sleep. We had the time change this weekend so it is darker 1 hour earlier now. So I need to get outside pretty quick and do my feeders or it will be dark out. Sue and I went to the flea market in St.Charles yesterday. It’s kind of a hit or miss with the stuff there. It’s like it’s really cool or complte shit. But I did find some some fresh cinnomon potpourri for the holidays and a cute little gold colored sleigh that I can use. Are your clothes hanging on you from all of the weight you have lost? You feel good though right? I am going to end this but I will talk to you soon. Uncle Darwin has seen all of your blogs-I talked to him tonite.I love you guys-keep me posted on everything!! Take Care! LOVE MOM XOXOXO



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