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Introducing: Reserva Las Tangaras on Instagram

September 26, 2016

Hello, fans of Las Tangaras!  We, the managers, are trying a new experiment, and we hope you’ll help us with it.

Las Tangaras now has an Instagram account, so that everyone in the Las Tangaras community can share beautiful photos they’ve taken at the reserve.  We, the managers, will post photos that we take while we are living at the reserve.  Follow our account, reserva_las_tangaras_mindo, by clicking here!

You’ll see photos of moments we’ve managed to capture at the reserve, like this one:


According to this blue morpho butterfly, hummingbird feeders aren’t just for hummingbirds.  Maybe sugar water tastes better upside-down?  #reservalastangaras

Now, here’s where we’d like your help.  We would love to see photos taken by past guests, former managers, bird banders, and anyone else who has visited the reserve.  Do you have an Instagram photo you’ve taken at Las Tangaras?  (We know that some of you do!)  Please add the tag #reservalastangaras to your photo.  We may ask you if we can repost your photo on our page, to share it with the larger Las Tangaras community.   Thank you!

As we get our Instagram page up and running, if you’d like to see other photos of the reserve, visit our Photo Gallery by clicking here!

(By the way, this is the last post from Annie and Skyler.  By the time you read this, our time as managers will have come to an end, and we’ll be traveling on, full of fond memories of this truly special place.)

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  1. October 24, 2016 6:40 pm

    We were in Mindo recently and around the reserve. We weres earching for various species of Hummers and found many but not the Violet-tailed Sylph. How many species of Hummers are found on your reserve and is this Sylph present?


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