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Down by the river Nambillo. A sweet new campsite…

September 29, 2011

Down by the river Nambillo (nam-bee-yo), by where it turns back on itself in a nice wee swimming hole we found a nice wee flat bit – big enough for a few tents. We took to it with the machetes and hacked back the vines and regrowth and cleared just enough space for a few tent, leveling them out with the spade and getting rid  of roots and rocks. As we dug, big blue morph butterflies wafted about, feeding on the purple berries fallen from the tree above. One morning as we headed down to the campsite to start work, we interrupted a Tayra, a large member of the mustelid family – essentially a weasel a meter long…

We´ve put up a bit of a shelter to cook in, huddle under during downpours or even sling a hammock and mossie net for the night. A picnic table in the sun for breakfast by the river and a longdrop toilet with a view out over the forest round out he facilities.

And what more could you want really?

To fall asleep to the river nambillo and wake up to the toucans calling.

Want to camp at Reserva Las Tangaras?

Camping is $ USD per night plus entry to the reserve ($5)

No tent? accommodation is available in the research cabin – see our blog ´visit las tangaras´for full details or call the reserve on 069824972

Reserva Las Tangaras is reached via a 45 minute walking trail. It is well marked but sometimes muddy. The trail starts 3km from Mindo, along the road to the Cascadas Nambillo – between the canopy and the cascadas. From Mindo, walk or taxi ($6) to the trailhead.

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